Stand Your Ground

our brand new EP “Standards” will be out June 25th.  here’s a single from it!

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How many of you are going to This Is Generic Fest! in Florida?

Our lovers in Adaliah, Every Passing Dream, and Ironwill are playing. Maybe we’ll play to ;) 

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Tour Update 1.

December 2nd we woke up, packed the van, and started heading towards Brunswick, georgia. We got a call on the way down saying our show was cancelled, so after some phone calls we had no luck so we decided to head south and get a hotel in the city we were playing in. 

December 3rd we woke up in Tifton, Georgia, met up with the dudes in Adaliah for the first time and headed to the venue. We got there to find out were playing in the middle of a field on some amphitheater stage. We decided to go exploring and found this crazy haunted house with a bunch of letters and stuff from the 20’s/30’s in it. It ruled. The kids in Georgia wen’t nuts and for our first show in a couple months it ruled. Adaliah killed it as well. We love those kids. Also this band called Machinist played and they were dope. 

December 4th We arrived in Jacksonville, Florida to find out were playing a show 5 minutes up the street from Sublime, Taking Back Sunday, A Day To Remember, and Fun. A few of us wen’t to try and sneak in and had no lucky. So back at our show we played with a bunch of sick as crap pop-punk bands at this bicycle bar called Burro. It was pretty freakin sweet. After the show me(Codie) and Troy wen’t to go explore the 5 points/Riverwalk area of Jacksonville, nighttime walks by the water can do so much for your soul when your on tour. 

December 5th We wen’t and played a killer show at Tightlines Tattoo in Orlando, Florida. The shop ruled and a few of us are gonna go get tattooed. So watch here for updates. 

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We leave for tour Friday!

With our best buds in Adaliah. Make sure you come out and get wild and crazy with us!